Exploring Rightsizing: Living a Simpler Life with your Canvas Community banner

Exploring Rightsizing: Living a Simpler Life with your Canvas Community

“Rightsizing” has emerged as a major trend among the 55+ community, empty nesters, and retirees. The movement allows more time to live a simpler life and break free from the costly and time consuming responsibilities of home ownership. This ultimately allows for individuals to prioritize new experiences, lifelong passions, and produce richer lives.

But what exactly is rightsizing? And how does one effectively go about it?

When considering rightsizing, keep this motto in mind: “let your home set you free.” Rightsizing is about finding a way to declutter, keep the essentials, and ultimately live your happiest life. While the concept may seem scary, there are small steps you can take to ensure the process helps you feel happier, healthier, and fuller in the end.

Step 1: Trade Space for Experiences. When rightsizing, you have the power to cut down on clutter and fill your home with people and possessions that truly matter. No more worry about maintaining empty spaces or cleaning unused areas. Cutting out everything that isn’t essential, including empty rooms and unnecessary possessions, means cutting down on expenses. In return, you can use that saved money for new experiences and creating memories.

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Step 2: Select a Space That Enhances Your Life: Rightsizing ultimately creates a simpler, more convenient lifestyle. It is important that you select a space that makes your life convenient in ways that you appreciate. Walkability to local restaurants, retail, and attractions are all benefits of living in a community-based rightsizing home. (We’ve included some of our favorite, local spots below). With freedom from a high-maintenance space, you will have the time to explore these sites and even discover new passions!

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Step 3: Experience Freedom from Limitations: By investing in a rental property, residents experience freedom from limitations and better use of their own time. There’s more flexibility associated with renting, which leads to more spontaneous adventures and long vacations. With a minimalist mindset and support from your community, you can now invest your time in sharing experiences with loved ones, taking classes, or simply going out and exploring.

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We want to welcome you to Canvas and this new, adventurous rightsizing movement. Join us in letting your home set you free and exploring our Canvas community!

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