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5 Reasons to Visit Valley Forge Park in the Winter

At your Canvas Valley Forge apartment, you’re just 2.5 miles from one of the region’s largest green spaces: Valley Forge National Historical Park. However, unlike most parks, this one can be enjoyed year-round.

The historic area served as the winter encampment of Union troops during a pivotal time period of the Revolutionary War. That claim to fame now serves as the backdrop of a park that brings history to life, with more than 1 million visitors exploring the park each year, appreciating the efforts to bring history to life, all while enjoying the natural beauty that abounds.

Here are just a few reasons to make the short trip from your Canvas Valley Forge apartment this winter to see history in action.

  1. Relive History: General Washington led his troops to Valley Forge during the winter, so traveling snow-covered hills and trails provides visitors a real-life look at what the area might have been like during that time. Eighteenth-century structures, as well as recreations, are important parts of that story. Since the encampment happened during the winter, this is also a great time to catch some historical reenactments, which give history lovers a bird’s eye view of 1777.
  2. Get Some Exercise: Valley Forge National Historical Park features 3,500 acres, which are popular with bikers, runners and walkers. No matter your athletic ability, a stroll through the park is a great way to get moving and kickstart your energy.
  3. Enjoy Nature: The park is home to hundreds of animals and plants. Bring along a pair of binoculars to spot rare birds or keep your eyes peeled for foxes. Even in the winter, nature fanatics can spy some beautiful cold-weather blooms.
  4. Skip the Crowds: As one of the state’s most popular historic sites, Valley Forge can get packed with tourists, including many school groups, during the springtime. Winter is a perfect opportunity to enjoy all the park has to offer while also taking in its peace and serenity.
  5. Learn from Lectures: Historians flock to Valley Forge National Historical Park to share their views and visions of history. If it’s cold outdoors, head inside to a talk by an author, professor or historical observer about the role the park played in American history.



Valley Forge National Historical Park

1400 N. Outer Lane Drive

King of Prussia, PA 19406