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Hone Your Passions at the Canvas Room

Canvas Valley Forge was built to support an active lifestyle. Whether you’re an artist, gym rat, mover or shaker, there are plenty of ways to continue feeding your passions during retirement when living at Canvas Valley Forge. Here’s how you can hone your passions using the Canvas Room.


Canvas Valley Forge’s Canvas Room is set up for you to succeed in whatever passions may hold your interest. Whether you’re a fine artist or seamstress, there’s plenty of space to practice your craft in the Canvas Room.


Here, you’ll find all the tools you need to create. Painters can make use of the easel, while all can enjoy the bright light streaming in through the windows and long tables so you can spread out and get in your creative zone. Bring a cup of coffee along and make yourself at home here.


Canvas Valley Forge promotes learning and art at its Canvas Room. Here, you can attend professional-led classes and discussions on topics ranging from community service to creativity. Or, sign up for a workshop on topics like knitting, flower arranging, jewelry-making and more.


Canvas Valley Forge wants you to live your best, balanced life. That’s why our amenities are tailored to help you do so. You can begin your days tinkering around in the Canvas Valley Forge Makerspace, attend a daily fitness class, socialize in the game room and end the day at the Canvas Room for a special talk from a visiting professional. The choice is yours. What will you get up to at Canvas Valley Forge? Let us know what workshops you’d like to attend the Canvas Room.


The Canvas Valley Forge Canvas Room is the perfect place to test out new hobbies or hone your existing passions. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you make the most of all that Canvas Valley Forge has to offer!