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Fall Decorating Tips for Your Canvas Valley Forge Home

There’s so much to love about autumn! The weather cools down, but our hearts seem to warm thanks to heartier home-cooked meals, hayrides with the grandkids and, of course, gorgeous fall décor. Follow these fall decorating tips to create a festive home environment at Canvas Valley Forge this season.


Create a welcoming, cozy environment from the second guests enter your apartment home at Canvas Valley Forge! You can do this by setting up planters and your favorite fall flowers and plants at your front door. You may not have a front porch, but the idea is the same and your family and loved ones will appreciate the subtle yet warm touch when they enter your home.


Embrace farmhouse elements this season! Nothing says fall quite like Joanna Gaines-approved home décor. Choose elements made out of woods, coppers and metals to create a rustic feeling in your apartment home. Dress them up by placing pops of florals throughout your space. Farmhouse-style décor will play up the coziness factor in a big way.


Table settings can make or break a home décor theme. They are essential in crafting the perfect autumn home design. Pay attention to color here. Choose elements that feature classic fall shades of oranges, reds and yellows. A vintage or patterned tablecloth can also add a lot to your fall place settings. If you want to go all out here, bring out the family china. This will add that special holiday feeling to the table all season long. Who says you have to wait until Thanksgiving to use the good china?


Round out your autumn design theme with cozy elements spaced throughout your Canvas Valley Forge apartment home. Throw pillows and blankets will both look sweet and make you want to cuddle up with a good book every night.


How will you decorate your apartment home at Canvas Valley Forge? Let us know your favorite fall decorating tips on social media!