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How to Achieve Your Health Goals by Living at Canvas

A big factor, when it comes to deciding about where you want to live, is how it will affect your health. As we start a new year, we think it is important that you know how to make your health at Canvas Valley Forge a priority.

Fitness Center

The most obvious place to start, when working on your health, is our state-of-the-art fitness center. You never have to leave your home to fight traffic to go to a gym, because we have what you need right here! Create a new workout routine by mixing it up with our various exercise machines and weights.


During the warmer months, our outdoor swimming pool is a great place to swim laps, practice your back stroke, or just tread water. The low impact nature of swimming is great for any resident with an injury or who doesn’t want to put too much strain on their joints.

Chef’s Kitchen

When you think of health, you also think of food. That’s why in addition to the beautiful kitchens that are in each one of our residents’ homes, we also provide a Chef’s Kitchen as an amenity. Prepare healthy meals to share with your neighbors and friends to spread the message of health to others, here.

Smoke Free Community

We believe that health is holistic, and being smoke free matters. Our community is smoke free to ensure the health of our residents’ lungs.

Bike Storage & Maintenance

The final way we encourage a healthy lifestyle is biking! We have a bike storage and maintenance area, so that residents can store their bikes there during the colder months. Then, they can easily grab them and take them for a spin around King of Prussia when it warms up. This outdoor exercise activity is a great way to stay healthy!


No matter what you choose to do to focus on your health at Canvas Valley Forge this year, we will be here to support you. If you don’t already live here, we’d love for you to schedule a tour to see all of these amenities we have been talking about!