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Support This Newly Opened Local Italian Restaurant in Wayne

Opening a restaurant is a challenge. Opening a restaurant in the middle of a global pandemic is an entirely different obstacle. But that’s just what dozens of new local eateries near your Canvas Valley Forge apartment have done this year, defying the odds and getting creative when it comes to showcasing their culinary skill while keeping their patrons safe. We’ve all been stuck at home for quite some time so, now that things are starting to get a bit back to normal, this is the perfect time to get out and about and see how the local restaurant scene has changed.

A great place to do that is at Rosalie in nearby Wayne, less than 10 minutes from your Canvas Valley Forge apartment. If you come from an Italian household, this Italian soul food spot will have you wandering down memory lane, with its rustic design and classic dishes that taste like they’re straight from your grandmother’s kitchen. That homey, old-time feel is enhanced even further by the fact that Rosalie is nestled inside the historic Wayne Hotel—so there’s a true feast for the senses!

The menu is crafted with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients—so you can trust that you’re getting the freshest, most heart-healthy dishes, all while giving back to local food producers. Rosalie is open for lunch and dinner, as well as weekend brunch—with plenty of options for antipasti, primi and secondi courses!

Don’t expect your standard Italian takeout fare here: Pastas come dressed with ingredients like sweet corn, beef short rib, lamb ragu and locally grown mushrooms. On the meat side, choose from options like stuffed chicken breast thigh, sakura pork chop and bronzino, while there are also plenty of options for vegetarians. If you really bring your appetite, dive into the four-course special, featuring an appetizer, pasta, main dish and dessert. Speaking of dessert, you can’t finish a meal at Rosalie without one—such as the espresso pudding, Stracciatella gelati or olive oil cake. The restaurant also offers handcrafted artisan cocktails and a wide selection of international wines to round out your meal.

If you’ve gotten weary of ordering pizza or hitting up the same local spots, check out Rosalie for a new way to support local businesses.


139 E. Lancaster Ave.

Wayne, PA 19087