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How to Plan a Staycation at Canvas in Valley Forge

Planning a staycation at Canvas in Valley Forge? Since we are so centrally located and connected to so many places, it’s easy to explore Philadelphia, Chester and Montgomery counties but here’s how to enjoy time to yourself while staying close to home.

Hike at Valley Forge

A place of history and beauty, a walk through Valley Forge National Historical Park is a great way to get exercise while also experiencing the incredible landscape where George Washington and his soldiers camped during the Revolutionary War. Learn more about the many places to see at Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Take the American Treasure Tour

Experience one of the world’s largest private collections of automatic music machines, nickelodeons, calliopes, photo players and music boxes at The Factor in Oaks. Located in the 422 Business Center, the collection also features classic cars, dolls and dollhouses, circus art and other items of popular culture bound to stir nostalgia. Learn more about the American Treasure Tour in Oaks, Pa.

Pool Day on the Sundeck

Of course, when the weather’s hot, there’s no better place to be than the Canvas Sundeck for a pool day. Enjoy a swim in our zero-edge infinity pool, take a dip in our invigorating hot tub, or settle down on the deck for some relaxation in the sunshine.

Then decide whether you’d rather spend time in the courtyard, salon and spa or game room. There are so many places to experience at Canvas and things to do. Here’s a look at our amenity spaces to help you get started.