Because you understand that in freedom lives possibility—and are excited about where those possibilities might take you.
At Canvas, sophisticated, thoughtfully-crafted residences set the scene for a life well-lived, one rooted in connections and meaningful experiences, and brimming with vitality and independence.
Our five Cornerstones define those possibilities and add unparalleled dimension to the next step of your journey.

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With so much opportunity ahead of you, maintaining physical and mental well-being has never been more important. Our unique combination of fitness classes and health & wellness seminars include everything from yoga and ballroom dancing to Tai Chi and aqua fitness. Local health professionals host regular seminars that cover topics such as cardiac health, emergency preparedness and healthy shopping options. At Canvas, our wellness program is focused on helping you achieve your best—both physically and mentally.


Whether it’s Wine Share Wednesday, billiards and bingo, or next week’s potluck brunch, grant yourself permission to have the time of your life. Canvas life offers an abundance of social activities designed to keep you engaged with your neighbors and connected to community. From weekly happy hours and interest groups, to museum and sporting event trips, our gatherings and events are the thread that tie our Canvas family together.


There’s never been a better time to pick up a paintbrush or pair of knitting needles. Maybe you’ve always wanted to master the art of flower arranging or learn how to craft beautiful, handmade jewelry. With a long list of classes, workshops and resident led activity clubs, Canvas invites you to open the door to all of the creativity within and express it any way you desire. Philadelphia’s art museums and music venues are in close proximity, easily accessible, and a vital source of inspiration, making our community your canvas.


Exercising your brain and staying mentally sharp are key to your longevity. Canvas has partnered with local professionals to offer a wide range of continued learning opportunities on the topics you want to explore most. Brush up on past skills to perfect your craft or learn new ones in helpful topics like finance, future planning or tax preparation. Delve into history and arts & culture. Open your mind to something new and discover a realm of endless options.


The generosity and positivity of our surrounding community is an essential part of who we are at Canvas. Giving back is our promise to one another. Join in our commitment to charity, community service, volunteerism and social impact in our neighborhood and beyond. Donate unworn clothes and gently used items to Purple Heart or dedicate yourself to any one of our numerous awareness campaigns. We take pride in fulfilling an act of goodness for ourselves and others we can reach.